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CONline 4
April 30 - May 2, 2021
For: People Ages 18 to 39
Cost: Free
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It’s time for CONline 4, and we are all about that bass, so join us for a beat-bopping weekend! This weekend will be filled with worship, small groups, workshops, and FUUN! Whether it’s your 1st time or your 4th, come join us for all or part of CONline 4. Registration is now open and free! Open to all Unitarian Universalist young adults and friends between the ages of 18 to 39.


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Schedule of Events

  • Friday - 8ET/5PT for 3 hours: Worship, Small Groups, FUUN Times

  • Saturday - 1ET/10PT for 4 Hours: Small Groups, Two Rounds of Workshops

  • Sunday - 4ET/1PT for 3 hours: Small Groups, All-Con Event - The YRUU Documtary

CONline 4 Coordinators

  • Joe Chapot - Dean - or call (415) 244-7253

  • Roddy Biggs - Worship Coordinator

  • Kate Longabaugh - Communications and Small Group Coordinator

  • Kamila Jacob - Workshop Coordinator

  • Aitana Sierra-Valdes - Chaplain Lead

  • Ivy Breivogel - Consultant

CONline Ground Rules

As CONline is a chosen community, these rules and guidelines for how we will come together are covenantal; in choosing to attend CONline, you choose to abide by these rules.


These rules will be announced at the beginning of each day of activities. They will also be posted to the webpage, on social media, and sent to participants. Our Chaplain practices and conflict resolution plan are below.


Consequences for breaking rules:

  1. Verbal warning

  2. Chaplain meeting

  3. Removal


If someone is removed from the ZOOM call they will be unable to rejoin due to how ZOOM’s technologies work..



We ask that participants not use substances (including nicotine) during CON. We seek to respect that people may be in recovery and that substances are not legal for all participants. For these hours we are together in respect for our community, we ask that you be here, be present, and be sober. If you do choose to consume nicotine products or medical marijuana, please be respectful and do not use while on camera. Do not vape on camera.



No bigotted, sexist, racist, abelist, homophobic, etc. language, especially directed at a person or group on the call, will be permitted. We are a diverse community, and affirm that people of all identities are welcome and wanted in this space.


Trolling or willful breaking of the rules will result in immediate removal from the call.


Camera Guidelines

We invite you to turn your cameras on! While there are no consequences for turning your camera off, we want to promote the feeling of community, and that becomes hard to do when the screen shows a bunch of initial circles. If your camera is off, because maybe you have spotty internet, are eating, do not want to be recorded, or your camera function is broken, etc., we encourage you to let each other know why so that we know you are there and present and ready to participate. This is more important during times of small groups when you will be participating, and less so during times when you are watching, such as worship. Note: Small groups will not be recorded, but worship and some workshops may be.

Chaplains and Resolving Conflicts

Our Chaplains are here to provide short-term pastoral care, the kind to get you back on together, or provide conflict resolution so that everyone leaves CONline complete with their experience. If you are in need of long term care, a team of chaplains and any close friends you have at CONline will work to help come up with a plan. 


If you need a chaplain, your first step is to either ask in the Chat or out loud if appropriate. There may be a chaplain present and they will likely notice your request, or the leader of the space will contact the Chaplain team.


We have a three level system for resolving conflicts:


  1. The Community Deals with It - This community is full of big people who want to do the right thing, be great with each other, and live their UU values. That said, we're all human beings prone to screwing up. If there is conflict, the first step is for participants to resolve it themselves.

  2. Get a Chaplain - If someone is bigoted, or if a leader is being mean, or if anything is sadi that has a negative impact on peopleget a chaplain(s) involved who can mediate the conflict. This is especially the case if it happens in a very public way and we need to do the work of getting the community complete.

  3. Joe Chapot Brings Down the Staff Hammer - Finally, if the participants and Chaplains can’t resolve the issue, Joe Chapot will get involved. CONline is ostensibly a program of the Young Adult Revival Network, which is a project run out of UU San Francisco, and Joe Chapot is the staff person responsible for it. Basically, the buck stops with Joe. JC has a lot of chaplaincy experience and training, and his commitment is to resolve the issues, but if someone is not being responsible for their actions and behavior, then we will put them in time-out or, worst case,  kick them out of CONline, and there is no getting back in if you are booted. This is due to the technical ways that ZOOM works. That is Joe’s call, but they will absolutely take the counsel of the Chaplains before doing that. And truly if there are any issues that cannot be resolved on its own talk to Joe.