CONline 3


CONline 3 Coordinators

  • Ivy Breivogel - Dean, Co-Technical Lead

    • Cell Phone: (919) 805-5035

    • Email:​

  • Joe Chapot, Talent Show Coordinator, Chaplain Coordinator, Staff Accountable

    • Contact Joe with any concerns, needs, questions you have.

    • Email:

    • Cell Phone: (415) 244-7253

  • Roddy Biggs - Worship Coordinator

  • Yvonne Marcoux & Beth Ann Kopy - Workshop Coordinator

  • Kamila Jacob - Touch Group Coordinator (and all around bad *** lady.)​

Schedule of Events

  • Fri 8ET/5PT

    • Intro - 8:00/5:00

    • Dinner Worship - 8:15/5:15

    • Small Groups - 9:00/6:00

    • FUUN Time - 9:30/6:30

  • Sat 12ET/9PT

    • Recentering - 12:00/9:00

    • Small Groups -12:15/9:15

    • Recentering - 12:45/9:45

    • Workshops - 12:50/9:50

    • Break - 2:00/11:00

  • Sat 3ET/12PT

    • Recentering - 3:00/12:00

    • Identity Groups - 3:15/12:15

    • Break - 4:15/1:15

    • Talent Show - 4:30/1:30

    • Closing - 5:00/2:00


  • UU YYA History

    • Do you know about our UU roots? Lydia is working on a UU YYA histories project and wants to hear more about the different lived experiences of UU young adults. Led by Lydia MacKay

  • UUYA Leaders Chat

    • Any UU leaders lay or professional, working on young adult ministry or anything else, who wants to network, collaborate, triage, and vision about local, regional, or continental UU YA ministry/organizing. Led by Joe Chapot

  • aMuse Me!

    • Where will you find your muse? See unique beauty everywhere as you uncover that anyone can make something beautiful and what inspires you from just one single word.Led by Cerridwyn Donaldson

  • How To Run a Service for Your Congregation

    • If you interested in learning how to lead worship in your local UU place of worship this workshop is for you. We will be exploring different approches to crafting a welcoming and cretive worship service expreaince that will work for worship in times of online worship. Led by Roddy Biggs

  • Arts and Crafts and Strings 

    • Come together for a time of arts and crafts.  Bring whatever supplies you want and lets get creative. Led by Beth Kopay



Identity Groups

Why Identity Groups?
We are doing this because feedback from CONline 2 and anecdotal evidence clearly indicated a desire to have ongoing ID Groups for UU young adults. We see CONline 3 is our opportunity to kick start these groups.

What will Happen
People will indicate which group they want to be placed in on the CONline 3 Selector, which will be sent before CONline 3 starts and available on the web page. Groups will have 1 hour to meet. People will be welcome to change groups. During this hour people will have the chance to get to know each other, create the importance of the space, and discuss the possibility of a future meeting.


What Identity Groups Will There Be?

Based on feedback and conversations, we have the following 5 Identity Groups planned, each group has a facilitator. The Countering Oppression is for White People. This name was chosen based on a series of conversations, with the intent to center the work of dismantling white supremacy. That said, they don't have an agenda different from the other groups.

  • Queer

  • People with Disabilities

  • POC

  • Black

  • Countering Oppression (for White People)


Our Chaplains:

  • Tara Humphries

  • Roddy Biggs

  • Grace Neudek

  • Andrea Fischer

  • Kristen Tuxbury

  • Meg McGuire


Our Chaplains are here to provide short-term pastoral care, the kind that gets you back together. If you are in need of long term care, a team of chaplains and any close friends you have at CONline 2 will work to help come up with a plan. Our Chaplains are also here to help resolve issues around rule breaking.


If you need a chaplain, your first step is to either ask in the chat during all conference events, or out loud if you are in a touch group or workshop. There may be a chaplain present and they will likely catch your request. 


Second, reach out to Joe Chapot. You don’t have to say what your specific needs are, just request a chaplain and the message will be passed to the chaplain team ASAP.

The CONline has a three level system for resolving issues:

  1. The Community Deals with It - This community is full of big people who want to do the right thing, be great with each other, and live their UU values. That said, we're all human beings prone to screwing up. If there is conflict, the first step is for participants to resolve it themselves.

  2. Get a Chaplain - If someone breaks the rules, get a chaplain involved who can mediate the conflict. This is especially the case if it happens in a very public way and we need to do the work of getting the community complete.

  3. Joe Chapot Brings the Staff Hammer Down- Finally, if the participants and chaplains can’t resolve the issue, Joe Chapot will get involved. CONline is ostensibly a program of the Young Adult Ministry Initiative, which is a program run out of UU San Francisco, and Joe Chapot is the staff person responsible for it. Basically, the buck stops with him. Joe has a lot of chaplaincy experience and training, and his commitment is to resolve the issues.

    If someone is not being responsible for their actions and behavior, then they will be put in time-out or, worst case, kicked out of CONline 2. There is no getting back in if you are booted. That is Joe's call, but he will absolutely take the counsel of the Chaplains before doing that.

    Truly if there are any issues that cannot be resolved on there own contact Joe. He is the bottom line for CONline 2.​

Finally, this is an unprecedented, highly experimental event. We have nearly dozens of participants who have volunteered their time and labor to help make this happen. So please, be gracious, patient, and generous as we do this incredible event.

Our programs are for people ages 18 to 30s.


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