About Us:

YARN is a program based out of the First Unitarian Universalist Society of San Francisco.  We seek to support, develop and grow Unitarian Universalist young adult, emerging adult, and campus communities. Check back soon for more about our organizing structure and history (Sept 2020.)

Our Mission:

To foster and support inclusive, celebratory, Unitarian Universalist spaces that connect young adults with one another; to recognize intersectional identities and places of privilege and oppression; to create & share resources to build connections, grow community, and actively engage in anti-racist & anti-oppressive efforts around the world while living the seven principles and striving to realize the eighth.*


Our Vision: 


We believe in funding young adult ministry at local, regional and continental levels.


We believe in holding spaces for groups centered around marginalized identities.

We believe in creating worships & faith experiences with challenging ideas and concepts that nurture spiritual growth. 


We believe in connecting young adult communities around the world across social platforms.


We believe in recognizing the opportunities in our lives to actively engage and participate in social justice efforts that align with our principles and values. 


We believe in providing space for resources and support to be shared for young adult lay leaders in their communities. 


We believe in recognizing digital spaces as sacred spaces because they are virtual walls of a church community.


We believe that this work is a living process, which we can always revisit and transform.

Contact Us

email: yarn@uusf.org

phone: (415) 590-7836

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