There are many resources available that can help you start or grow your young adult ministry. We’ve organized them into three categories:

  1. High Value: We consider these resources as essential and absolutely worth your time. Read all of them.

  2. Mild Value: We consider these resources useful, but are not directly related to developing young adult ministry. Read them to deepen your skill, knowledge and ability.

  3. Old Sources: These resources are dated but still contain useful information, activities, or are just classics of the genre of community development.


High Value

  1. Becoming: A Spiritual Guide For Navigating Adulthood: VIEW WEBSITE
    Becoming is a fantastic resource for young adult ritual and gathering. You can find copies of the book on Amazon and other book reselling palces. The UUA’s guide for hosting Becoming Together meetings (16 pages) is well development and immediately useful. We strongly encourage you to start a BT program for your YAM.


  2. Coffee Hour Caution; VIEW HERE (1 page)
    This classic one page guide is a resource for older generations on how to better and more respectfully talk to young adults. Print it, post it, and show it to everyone.


  3. Kindrid: Roadmap to Rollout Success VIEW HERE (16 pages)
    Kindrid is a company that provides financial platforms for churches, but just so happens to have produce this high quality, generalized guide to starting a ministry at a church. We strongly recommend anyone who is planning to start a YAM to read this guide


  4. Building a Broader Web: Fostering Young Adult Community: VIEW HERE (38 Pages)
    Our friends at First Unitarian Congregational Society in Brooklyn, New York put together this fantastic presentation for GA 2017. Its a more focused, UU specific guide than the Kindrid document above.


Mild Value

  1. Starter Guide to Non Profit Video Storytelling: VIEW HERE (58 pages)
    Don’t ask us how we came across this, but if you want to produce a high quality video to advertise your YAM, then this guide will get you there.


Old Sources

  1. Deep Fun: VIEW HERE (37 pages)
    Quite old and meant for YRUU program, this guide still contains classic activities that will break the ice, deepen bonds, and provide fun for people of all ages and abilities.


  2. Guide to Young Adult Ministry: VIEW HERE (62 pages)
    This 2008 guide to creating YAM is a rich but pre-dates social media, nullifying the efficacy of a lot of the advice and guidance. Useful elements include building leadership and putting on small worships.