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Community Director
To apply - send resume and cover letter to

The Community Director will manage the week to week work of building the YARN Community. That involves running our media, planning programs, being involved in the community online, and generally being the face of YARN. We seek a UU young adult to fulfill this role. Generation Z and BIPOC folx strongly encouraged to apply.

To apply - send cover letter and samples to

Years in the making, we are almost ready to release our New Guide to Young Adult Ministry! It's a full remake of a guide to creating a young adult community, whether in-person or online! We just need an editor to help get the product across the finish line. We are looking for someone who can spend 30-50 hours editing our guide and turning it into a presentable product. The writing is done, but with three authors and years of work, we need someone who can bang it all into a consistent product.


No need for a fancy job description. Please apply by sending an email to and include - a short cover letter telling us why you are applying, and some samples of your work (, resumes welcome but not required.)


You can check out our work at our online workshop at General Assembly 2023 on Saturday, June 24 at 12:30pm ET.

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