Building a network of people is all about fostering connections, and the best way to connect with other UU young adults is to JOIN OUR DISCORDDiscord is an computer and mobile app that basically a fancy, secure, private forum/chat room. There are no trolls there, just a community of Unitarin Unviersalist young adults.

You are also invited to join two Facebook Groups: UU Young Adult Connections - a place for young adults to talk, and the YARN All Ages Facebook Group, for anyone to join and post about UU young adults.

Official YARN Socials

Ride to Launch Site
Yellow Subway Seats

More UU Young Adult Facebook Groups:

New York City
City Bus


YARN is working on a verified list of local, congergation based young adult groups. We hope to premier the list this Fall 2022! This work is being led by Ash Rowan (they/him), of South Valley UU Society in Utah.