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1st Wednesdays at 6:30pm PST
3rd Wednesdays at 7:00pm EST

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YARN is excited to announce our fall worship series! All season we will be exploring the idea of Revivalism. We’re putting the revival back on the Young Adult Revival Network.

We are expanding the program with two worships a month at different times. First is a “Western” worship at 6:30pm PST; second is an “Eastern” worship at 7:00pm EST. Of course, people are welcome to attend either regardless of their timezone. Young adults can attend these worship services on ZOOM; People of all ages can watch the live-stream on Facebook and a recording on YouTube

How to Young Adult.png

$5 Suggested Donation, No One Turned Away

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Remember taking classes in school about how to be an adult? Of course you don’t, such a thing doesn’t exist. Let's fix that; Young adults ages 18 to 39 are invited to attend a new workshop series: “How to Young Adult.” In this program we will explore, discover, and learn how to be an adult. Topics include: how to keep a home clean; managing money; dealing with existential dread; feeding yourself, and much more! So come hungry, come ready to learn all about being an adult. Note: there are two sessions to accommodate all the time zones, the class will be the same for both sessions.

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The Young Adult Revival Network is proud to run a chaplaincy program exclusive for young adults ages 18 to 30s. 

To speak with one of our chaplains, do the following

  1. Complete our Chaplaincy Request Form

  2. A Chaplain will reach out to you within 48 hours to set up a call.

  3. Our chaplain team prefers ZOOM, but a phone call will also work.

Learn More Here

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For Black, Indigenous and People of Color only
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You are invited to join Lecretia Williams and friends for YARN’s monthly gathering of Black, Indigenous, and UU young adults of color. Our goal is to create a sacred space where BIPOC young adults can experience a fully non-white, young adult, Unitarian Universalist space. Sign up to attend, email questions to

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$5 Suggested Donation, No One Turned Away

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Want to help YARN succeed but don't know where to start? Struggle to make time and space to give yourself to our cause? Well then friend, we have a workshop for you! You are invited to join Kate and Joe for the first of our No-Skill Fundraising Sessions. At this workshop participants will be set-up with the tools and knowledge to do fundraising. We will then spend time doing the leg-work of asking our friends, families, and congregations for support.

Your participation is essential. YARN is not just volunteer led; we pay several leaders. And in a faith community that under-invests in young adult ministry, this is your chance to help change that paradigm. One phone call can make all the difference. So come, join us, and make our faith, and the world, a better place.

Guide to YAM Graphic.png

As part of YARN’s commitment to creating young adult ministry, we have an active resource development and curation program. Currently our team is working to create a New Guide to Young Adult Ministry. We hope to have the first version available by Summer 2022. If you want to help us write this guide then send an email to


If you work for a Unitarian Universalist organization and are responsible for a young adult ministry, then you are invited to connect with your peers on our monthly support call! This call is for professionals, those who are employed by UU organizations, be they congregations, regional groups, national bodies, or some other kind of entity. We spend the hour sharing about our programs, working on challenges, stepping back to take in the big picture, and laugh at the incongruous things we encounter while trying to create young adult ministry. 


If you want to attend, please email with your name, where you work, your job title, and what young adult, emerging adult, campus ministry program you are responsible for.

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